The Music Room

Dimensions: 32' W x 52' D x 24' H, 1380 sq ft


  • Direct visual connection to all acoustic rooms:
  • Large enough for 36 comfortably seated musicians
  • 24' high ceiling: all fundamental room modes are below A0
  • RT60 up to 1 full second
    • 23 acoustic panels can fine-tune room behavior to taste
    • Doors on Booths A & B and Sound Locks 1 & 2 can further modulate acoustics
  • Powerful and flexible lighting system
    • Sets mood for superior artistic performance
    • Ensures better experience for workshop productions
    • Suitable for live video capture (up to 10kW of illumination built in)
  • Yamaha CF-9 Concert Grand Piano (can be rolled into Booths A or B)
  • Marimba One 5-1/2 Octave Premium Keyboard with Basso Bravo resonators (can be rolled into Booths A or B)

The acoustics of the Music Room have been anticpated since the plans were first drawn in 2007. Since its opening in 2011, artists from across the musical spectrum have been unanimous in their praise of both the feel of the space and its amazing sound. From solo singer-songwriters to orchestral string sections, from hard rock to modern jazz, from classical piano to world fusion, the Music Room addresses the challenge of capturing a great performance by actually sounding great, everywhere. This increases artist confidence and enjoyment, and thus performance. It also greatly simplifies the relationship between the engineer and the artist, as the former never has to say "I know this sounds bad to you, but trust me, it will sound great on the record." The Music Room offers a different alternative: start with something that sounds great to everyone, and let the engineer capture that.

Panel Interfaces

There are three interface panels in the Music Room, each providing an identical layout, yet each feeding into its own section of the patchbay.

  • 16 Mic Inputs (8 normalled to console)
  • 2 Instrument Passthroughs
  • 2 Speaker Passthroughs
  • 12 Audio Tie Lines (typically Aux sends)
  • 4 AES Inputs
  • 4 AES Output
  • 1 SMPTE 311M Optical Input
  • 2 Clock Signals (wordclock, video ref, or house black)
  • 4 SDI Video Output (SD, HD, or 3G-HD)
  • 4 SDI Video Input (SD, HD, or 3G-HD)
  • 4 Aviom personal mixer ports
  • 4 CAT6 Ethernet ports (powered)
  • 1 DVI video output (via fiber or CAT6)
  • 1 MADI Input and Output
  • 2 10-GigE Ethernet ports
  • MIDI I/O (by patching CAT6 cables)

Music Room Particulars

The Music Room can be used in a number of ways:

  • As a live room for solo artists, bands, and entire ensembles
  • As a tracking room for individual instruments (particularly Piano and Drums)
  • As an environment for workshops, master classes, and other creative/educational formats
  • As a venue for community events (fundraisers, broadcasts, etc.)

The 8' high soffit that runs around the Music Room is suitable for video camera tracks, tripods, and lights. The soffit can also support audio monitors for evaluating room-scale surround mixes. Microphones placed under the soffit, with one or two gobos on either side creates yet more interesting acoustic environments.


PHONE: (+1) 919-444-2350