Construction photos: week 10

In construction photos, Manifold Recording by Michael Tiemann

My apologies that there was no week 9. There was no visible progress as most of the work was finalizing the order for the blocks. The order is in, and we expect deliveries in about 4 weeks and the last blocks to be delivered by the end of April. Yipee!

This week we finished the wiring plan, down to the point of actually placing nails and string where pipe conduit is to go. The updated wiring plan looks something like this:

wireplan-24×36.pngFull 24×36 3/16 scale plan

And here’s what it all looks like in real life:

The wiring overview
Control Room wiring trough
Paths flowing into audio eQuipment Room (QR)
Pipe locations inside QR and video Machine Room (MR)

The string doesn’t show up well in the thumbnails, but it’s there. For some more details, here are views of the networks that will live under the Music Room and Booth floors. Note how all the pathways travel “through” doors.

Music Room and Booth networks Music Room detail

Finally, the view of everything coming into “Grand Central”. This is the space below the Control Room window. 11 analog audio and 7 digital/video pipes make for a very full space down there!

View from Grand Central

Next up: laying the pipe and pouring the slab!