Construction photos: week 11

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

After laying down the strings to demarcate the wiring paths, it was time for the construction crew to turn design into reality.

As you can see in the wiring plan, there are two prime areas of complexity: Grand Central (which lives under the large control room window) and the audio eQuipment Room (which we call the QR. The first week after laying down the string was mainly concerned with transition and logistics: getting the 4″ PVC Pipes, the gravel, and other prep work.

But there was also some progress made on the beginning of the matrix of pipes that will connect Grand Central with the console patchbays:

Grand Central

And some preliminary work done to prepare the QR:

QR Straight In

QR Music Side

That hole you see in the ground is just a baby compared to what is to come…

Here’s a detail shot of Panel 3 (northeast wall of the Music Room):
Panel #3 detail

And a detail shot of the trench in the QR:
QR Trench Detail

More next week!