Construction photos: week 12

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After (the short) week 11, things really got moving in week 12, in an “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” kinda way. It turns out that a network of 30+ 4″ PVC pipes is just not that simple, and in order to handle the (minimal) pipe-crossing that the design required, we needed to define at least two distinct levels for the pipes to travel. The problem is that the 4″ PVC is about thick enough that those two levels cannot both be above the footings. So the backhoe came back to dig some trenches…lots of them:


But instead of getting all bummed out about the number of foundation walls dismantled for the backhoe’s work (or because they were crushed as the backhoe rode across them), let’s look at the progress that was made. First, Grand Central is now starting to look real:

Grand Central

Of course that’s only half of it. The other half has yet to emerge coming from the booths. Here’s an impressive side view:

Grand Central (side view)

You may recall from last week that I talked about the complexity of the audio eQuipment Room (QR). We’ll here’s what I was talking about:

QR Junction

BTW, that’s only half the pipes that come into that room! There are four more pipes coming in from the booths, and three more coming in from the other building. Here are two pipes from Panel #2 (northwest Music Room wall) headed toward the QR:


Here are a pair of site overviews, in case you are getting lost. One is a wide site overview (large), the other a normal site overview (large) . Anyway, let’s now look at some details. Here we see the conduits that will feed Panel #5 (Booth B, left) and Panel #6 (Booth C, right):

Booth BC Conduits

And here are the conduits that will feed Panel #9 (southwest Control Room wall):

CR Backwall conduits

And here are all the conduits that will be running below the control room floor:

CR Conduits

And now for something completely different, some photos showing the deep trenches below the footings:

Under Footings 1 Under Footings 2

Finally, a look at the gravel, which patiently awaits another week’s worth of work before it’s ready to go into the ground:
Gravel and Gravel 2

That’s all for now!