Construction photos: week 15 (gravel fill)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

This week marks an important milestone in the progress of pouring the slab: the gravel is in!

I’m not sure if the picture properly conveys just how “full” the foundation now looks, but it was quite a shock to see the level up to the minus-8″ level. As for the rest of the pictures…

We start by looking down the QR Expressway (where 15 4″ pipes all converge):

The QR Expressway

We then swing around to the West side of the control room (Sound Lock 1, actually) to see the major concentration of pipes between Grand Central, the Control Room, and the audio eQuipment Room:


Perhaps this gives a better feel for just how much gravel is now sitting within the foundation walls. And how much connectivity we’re building for the facility.

Taking a step back, here are a variety of overview/panorama views of the site as it is now:

West Overview (large)

North Overview (large)

Northeast Overview (large)

Northwest Panorama (large)

Now for a few details…click on thumbnails for larger images.

Here we see the northern wall with conduits coming up for the booths:

Just how much insulation is there going to be under the slab? Here’s a clue:

this much

Here’s a picture showing the conduits running from the audio eQuipment Room out to the garage:

Lots of concrete holding them down now!

Finally, how close are we to being done? Well, there’s still more than half the gravel that was originally delivered:

Remaining Gravel

Next up: electrical conduits for clean (balanced, star-grounded) and dirty power…