Construction photos: week 18 (clean power)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

Just a super-quick update, as the visual changes to the site are fairly minor. The clean conduits have been completed, and by early next week, the conduits for dirty power (lighting) and HVAC will also be in place. Then we just have a few more loose ends to tie up before pouring the slab. Hooray!Clean Conduits

Why so many conduits for a 4000 sq ft facility?

Well, to be clean power, every junction box needs to have its own ground wire that makes  a home run back to the clean power transformer.  With dirty power one can build a daisy-chain, returning to home base only when a new circuit is needed for capacity reasons.  Such daisy chains create ground loops, which in turn produce audible noise amongst studio electronics–a terrible no-no.  The result?  Lots of PVC in the slab!

BTW, total parts and labor thus far: approximately $200,000 USD.