Construction photos: week 33 (preparing for block delivery)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

The construction plan shop diagrams call for somewhere around 15,000 architectural blocks, and those blocks need to go somewhere during construction.  Thankfully, we’ve got a whole meadow to play with.  Accordingly, we’ve staked and roped off areas that will become like library stacks for the 60+ block types that will comprise the 247(!) pallets to be delivered.

Empty Rows (East View) Empty Rows (West View)

The large mowed areas in the foreground will be used for the standard stretchers (8″ or 6″, single polished faces).  The stakes indicate one of four rows, and we’ll identify and order the various specialty blocks into the rows according to the plans of the construction foreman.  Needless to say, this whole project would be a whole lot more complex and difficult if we did not have so much area for block storage during construction!

Here’s a more up-close and personal view of what the odd blocks will be arranged into:

Empty Rows (South View)

Now we wait for the blocks to show up.