NIN’s Alessandro Cortini On The Buchla 200e

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Buchla 200e

Buchla 200e

In late 2005 I configured and ordered a Buchla 200e analog synthesizer, and after it was hand made by Don and Ezra Buchla, it was delivered in 2006.  It is the most confounding hybrid of organic and electronic logic I have ever encountered.  I spent a few months writing the Wikipedia entry for it, just so I could have a user manual.  And in the process I created a novel way to achieve portamento using analog components to control the MIDI module.  But I’m not an expert…Alessandro is.

I really enjoy the music of Nine Inch Nails., especially its fulfillment of the prophesy by Alex Ross that The Rest [Will Be] Noise. Nine Inch Nails makes some of the best noise in town.

I just came across this web page featuring Alessandro playing with his Buchla 200e, and it inspires me to go play with mine.  Ta ta!