Console sketches

In Manifold Recording, recording studio, technique by Michael Tiemann

When I embarked on this studio design and construction project, I was confident that the decision of which console to buy would be among the simplest, certainly easier than choosing the color scheme for the isolation booths and the control room, for example. Boy was I wrong!

This is placeholder text for the whole story. Here are links to pictures of the current console under consideration, a 48 channel Legacy Plus with integrated patchbays and options section:

API Legacy Plus (400×130)

For higher-resolution renderings, click on the following links:

1600×520 (257KB) 3330×1080 (786KB) 6660×2160 (2.4MB) 13320×4320 (6.4MB)

If you have an option about the optimal way to allocate the 200-series and 500-series option slots, drop me a line!

The blank spots to the left of the center section are places we are reserving for the integration of a digital audio workstation—possibly Euphonix, possibly something else. Likewise, the Masterpiece illustrates how we might use some of the real estate presented by a 12′ wide console, but it is not yet a committed part of the studio’s rack gear.  The GML 8034, 8200,and 8900 are committed, but their locations in the control room are not yet defined.  They do fit quite nicely under the patchbays, however.

Here’s an eye-level view standing at the back of the control room:


And a version that reduces the size of the desk by one unit and shows the Euphonix MC Pro controller:

Off-center Center Section

Yet another draft…this has a producer’s desk on the right hand side so that the console is better scaled to the room.  It is also better balanced, with the master section and a channel bucket on the left and a pair of channel buckets on the right.

API new center