Week 46 (Rebar and Chairs)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

After months of mostly subtle changes (a new run of conduits here, a few new holes in the blocks there), this past week has completely changed the complexion of the site—to pink!


Let’s take a closer look…

First, let’s reorient to a view that makes our specific level of progress more visible.  Here is a view from the South East:


There’s no foam yet in the Control Room or the Sound Locks, but you can clearly see that the final layer of gravel sits at approximately 8″ below the tops of the screed blocks.  The foam appears to be 1″ thick, and sits atop a plastic vapour barrier.  The rebar follows the grid on 2′ modules, and sits atop small chairs that will ‘float’ the rebar to the middle of the slab.  Here you can see a detail of the rebar/chairs/vapour barrier:


The rebar functions not only to strengthen the cement slab, but will also be used as a frame for holding the radiant heating ducts that will course throughout the floors.  Perhaps next week we’ll get a picture of that.

In the mean time, a few more photos to give you a sense of the site:

rebarkey1.jpg rebarkey2.jpg