WUNC highlights the creative importance of the Public Domain

In creative commons, creativity, culture, music industry, npr by Michael Tiemann

WUNC is a fantastic resource for all manner of news and analysis, and I’m not just talking about the excellent NPR programming they carry.

The State of Things is one of North Carolina’s local treasures—valuable because it uncovers daily the local treasures of our state.  Professor Jamie Boyle is one of the great thinkers, writers, and speakers about the topic of copyright, culture, and the Public Domain.  Here’s the blurb for today’s show:

Want to sample some Bob Dylan in your hip-hop track? Not so fast: A Duke law professor’s new book explains how copyright, patent and trademark laws have made most of 20th century culture legally inaccessible. James Boyle joins host Frank Stasio to discuss his book, “The Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind” (Yale University Press/2008).

Do listen!