Week 58 (The second course)

In construction photos, Manifold Recording by Michael Tiemann

I’ve been away for two weeks, but back now and happy to see the progress that’s been made.  As you may surmise from the title, the walls are now all of 16″ tall, but they will be getting taller (24′ when finished), and in anticipation of that there’s a whole pile of scaffolding waiting to be assembled:


Here you can see the most complex detail of the Music Room wall, the matrix of RPG blocks that will provide diffusion beneath the Control Room window.  The window will be more than 14′ wide:


Here’s a detail showing several interfaces: the power junction box in the blocks, the RPG column emerging from the flat blocks, and the RPG matrix overhanging recessed flat blocks:


Here’s a detail of the outer vs. inner wythe.  The outer wythe is the load-bearing wall, so will be filled with concrete all the way up.  The inner wythe has no structural requirement to be similarly filled, but I have been informed that it will be filled up to this course to really lock the wall to the foundation (which descends two feet below the slab).  Here’s what the 3′ concrete cores look like (with rebar every 2′):


And a detail:


Moving along, here’s a detail of the door jamb between the Music Room and Booth C: symmetric RPG columns with ample space for the load-bearing cavity of the wall:


The shear wall between the Music Room and Booths B & C:


The long view of what will become the columns of Booths A & B:


During construction we’ll be leaving voids in the walls where the electrical panels will ultimately be installed.  Here’s the void for electrical panel #2 (you can see the pair of 4″ conduits and the pass-through conduit between the wythes):


This void (for panel #1) is on the wrong side.  I expect we’ll be correcting that tomorrow…


That’s about all for now…here’s a picture showing the sand that’s been measured for the day’s mortar batch.  It’s a lot of sand!