Week 59 (Partial 4th course)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

The 12′ tall storey poles have been up for a few weeks, but the site has a whole new look now that the scaffolding is going up.


For scale reference, the tall scaffolding is in what will be the control room.  At just over 13′ tall, it’s almost 3′ below what will be the highest point in the Control Room.  Word.

Here you can see the control room side of the wall that will separate the Music Room from the Control Room and the Sound Locks.  It’s 2’8″ height doesn’t look like much, but the masons are now laying 90 blocks in 4 hours, which means we should see it growing a few feet a week.


Here’s a nice view showing how the polished blocks will reflect their surroundings, just a little bit.  Do you see the bright reflections in the part of the wall that’s in shadow?


It’s still a bit early to say that the interior of the Music Room is taking shape…but it is, kinda.  Here we are looking east.  The faceplates of the outlet boxes (which are not installed) will be flush with the top of the block, just below the mortar joint between the 2nd and 3rd courses:


Here’s a detail showing where the audio/video/network panel (#3 on our diagram) will fit into the Music Room.  You can see the rabbet we cut out of the RPG A column that’s growing up on the left hand side:


Here’s a picture that reminds just how much electrical infrastructure is running throughout the facility:


Here’s a view of the eastern shear wall being built up.   It shows how much of an engineering geek I am that I think this is cool:


Here’s a head-on view of the symmetrically opposite shear wall on the west side:


Taking a step back, this shows the progress from what will become the west patio:


What was once a menacingly large sandpile is now almost exhausted.  With 36 courses to complete the Music Room, we’ll need eight more piles as large as this one started to finish the room:


An overview from the west:


And finally, a picture of nature’s beauty, just up the hill:


Wait until you see how beautifully the trees blossom in Spring!