Week 60 (The 8th course)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

Progress has been steady, and the pace is picking up again.  Last week the masons’ best day saw 90 blocks laid.  Today, they will lay over 100.  Here they are finishing up the 8th course on the east wall:


Here’s a view between the wythes which is visible because the corner has not yet been finished.  You can see the ladder wire tying the two walls together every other course, as well as the 5″ of pink foam between the two wythes.  I wish my camera were as straight as that storey pole!


The fresh mortar before raking:


Let there be (a) Light (switch)!  This is in the audio eQuipment Room:


Here’s a new course about to be laid up, the 3rd course on the West wall.  You may be wondering: why are they up to the 8th course on the East wall, but only the 3rd on the West wall?  The answer is that they are all “set up” on the East wall…that’s where the main production is for this four-man crew.  The reason they are laying anything at all on the West wall is because they have excess mortar they need to use up.  It’s more economical (and more green) to put that mortar to use in the building than to dump it out after reaching their goal course on the East wall.


Remember that nice small pile of sand from last week?  It’s gotten big again.  I asked why it was a different color.  The answer is that this is the pile of sand for the grout that fills the cores of the block, so it could be pink and nobody would know.  We need a lot of ground because there are more than 100 cores going up 24′ and down about 3′.


Until next week…