Week 61 (Snow, and the 11th course)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

When March rolls around in North Carolina there are two things you come to expect: basketball and beautiful spring weather.  The UNC Tar Heels met expectations, landing at the top of the ACC rankings.  But the weather was a bit less predictable, with sub-freezing temperatures and 3-5 inches of snow:


It was beautiful, but not very helpful to the schedule.

Nevertheless, once the snow melted and the forecast temperatures were above freezing, work began in earnest.  Here’s the 10th course being laid in on the south east inner wythe:


And here’s what it looks like up on the scaffolding:


It is all well and good that we are making progress going up, but the progress we laid on the ground needs protection.  Every corner of every column and door is at risk of damage as we move two ton pallets of blocks from the field to the production zone.  For that reason, the foreman directed the carpenters to create bumpers using plywood and foam:


Here’s an eye-level view of the columns now protected:


Here’s a detail of the bumper protecting a door frame:


By the end of the week the outer wythe was up to the 11th course, the steel was extended another length, and the scaffolding was extended a bit higher, providing this view from about 13′ up:


Here you can see the progress of the site from the west elevation.  The top blocks on the scaffolding are where course 18 will be laid—half way up to the 36th course that will define the 24′ tall walls of the Music Room


Here’s a final overview.  Note the size of the pile of sand and gravel in the background.  Next week the masons will grout the blocks comprising courses 8-11, and I expect that will leave a considerable dent.


Finally, a question…


Will this be the last of the snow?