Week 66 (First upper-level RPG blocks)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

Last week we predicted a whole lot of grouting, and due to unexpectedly favourable weather, that happened early in the week.  This view from the scaffolding shows clearly both the filled 3d matrix bond beam as well as evidence that the entire outer wythe was grouted:


For those keeping track, the bond beam above the door frame is approximately 5’x2’x2′ of concrete and steel.  I hope it stays up!

Here’s a view of the other 3d matrix bond beam, plus an unexpected surprise: two new courses on the outer wythe:


Having reached the 16th course, we’re also now reaching the end of our current storey pole:


This new development has led to some discussions about exactly how we best extend this to build the next 20 courses.

Here’s the lastest level of the sand and gravel piles used to mix up the grout.  I was told that the cement mixer was running for 6 hours to mix and deliver all the grout, but the sand pile is still so large that you cannot really see much sand having been removed:


But here’s where the real fun begins: the laying in of the first upper-level RPG blocks.  On he first such course, the first B blocks:


And from ground level:


And then with A and B blocks from the next course, showing the mitered A blocks in the corner:


And at the other corner, no mitering:


Not bad work for the week!

The weather remains unpredictable, so I won’t predict what might be done after the Easter holiday.