Week 69 (Framing the North wall bond beam)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

The weather was quite cooperative this week, and so we were able to work at full speed!  The primary objective: preparing to establish the massive bond beam across the North wall of the Music Room.  Our starting point is this:


The columns are already fully grouted, but the shear wall is still only half-grouted.  That will be remedied by the time the bond beam is poured.

Here’s a top view of the half-empty shear wall:


In the mean time, progress is also being made on the South wall.  Another two courses of RPG blocks are now in place:


Earlier in the week studio designer Wes Lachot visited the site to draw onto the slab the precise framing instructions that will give us the acoustic accuracy for which his rooms are famous:


And more markings:


Note that these blocks are not visible inside the control room, which is why we used our ugliest “red” blocks (lots of chipped corners and edges).

Here is the stack of wood that’s going to become the framing to hold up the North wall’s long bond beam:


Grouting the South wall shear walls and outer wythe:


Did I mention that the walls take a lot of grout?


Finally, we’re ready for the carpentry to begin:


Two frames in, two to go:


Here’s the measuring stick with three marks, low, center, and high.  The marks are 1/16″ apart, and the top of the framing is within 1/16″ across its 34′ length.


The measurements are taken using an automatic level:


Everything is measured three times by at least two people.  Keeping the floor clean ensures that the measurements translate to reality when put into place:


Now we are ready to put up the bond beam:


And from the other side (note the very thin straight line across the top–that’s a string pulled taut, which agrees perfectly with the wood):


Hopefully we’ll have good weather next week!