Week 86 (North Booth Walls Finished)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

This week the masons made steady progress while we checked, re-checked, and double-checked our HVAC plans.  Here’s the week’s progress, in pictures…

Here we see four fresh courses of block going into the outer wythe.  Progress is pretty fast when so much of the courses are voids:


As you may recall from previous postings, the window voids will be fitted with wood so that a bond beam can be established across the top.  Here we see a stack of frames recycled from the Music Room (and used that same purpose with different dimensions):


Now the window sills are starting to really take shape:


And before you know it, bond beams inside:northboothbondbeam.jpg

And out:


And here’s a preview of an idea for how we’re going to build the wall in the north end of the Annex Control Room:


We can use very ragged blocks because this wall will be behind a secondary interior wall that makes an even more complete bass trap.

I look forward to seeing the progress on the HVAC and ductwork next week.