Week 92 (Booths: Masonry Completed/Roof Framing Begins)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

There has been much progress in many areas since my latest construction blog posting, but clearly the establishment of the major structural members of the roof over the booths must be the headline.  Here you can see several such structural members, two hips and a bit of the top plate (which is effectively the top ridge of the roof as well):


But there is much more progress to report, as you will see…

The booth roof is sloped at a 5:12 pitch, and the pitch is preserved inside and out.  Here is a view of the roof’s rafters (which are not joists because they are sloped, not horizontal):


Here’s a detail showing the network connection of the hip rafters and the wall plate (looking up…the voids are the window openings in the Music Room):


But there are still many rafters yet to be placed:


Here you can see the as-yet unfinished North East hip rafter and the North West corner where the corresponding hip rafter has not yet been laid:


Moving over to the Control Room we can see that inside of the outer wythe has been given a stucco treatment:


The reason for doing so will become clear when we place our dichroic glass diffusors on the ledge implied by the RPG blocks that form the three south walls of the Control Room.  Here’s a closeup of the glass block in the SE corner of the control room:


Moving on to the Studio Annex, we can see that work on the technical wiring conduits is well underway:


And the view opposite:


And now for some final images to provide a wider overview of the progress.  From the South:


From the West:


And other work continues apace until the first hard frost:


Thanks for following!