Week 95 (Annex Conduits)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

Work continues on the roof, the ductwork, the masonry, and even the plans, but the most visible feature of this past week’s progress has been the continued work on the Annex Conduits, specifically the electrical conduits.  Last week saw the final placement of the technical conduits, locking them in cement, and filling the Annex foundation with gravel.  Here’s where things started on Monday, with fresh lines demarking the boundaries of the Annex Control Room (click on the image to see a highlighted version):


And then the disturbance begins…


And more…


And before you know i, conduits are sprouting everywhere:


Of course our conduit work was not limited to just the Annex.  A ditch was dug for the 4″ conduit that will carry utility power to the main building:


And from another perspective:


Here you can see how deeply the main electrical conduit passes under the footing:


Here you can see an overview of the conduit work from a new vantage point, the newly cleared equipment corrals.  You may notice that the previously disturbed ground between the two buildings has now been restored somewhat:


And now a brief detour to look at a few perspective of the latest Annex conduit pathways and crossovers:


And looking down a slightly different axis:


And then again, before you know it, the trench for the utility power to the main building is filled in:


Finally, the large air return in the Music Room has been installed:


Next week we should be all dried in in the Music Room and there should be shingles on the roof.  Yipee!