Week 112 (Annex Roof Framing and Sheathing)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

Weather has been quite a challenge lately, and both snow and rain slowed down our efforts to complete the Annex roof.  Nevertheless, there were enough good days to at least enter the final stretch of the roof framing process: sheathing the roof.

Here’s the half that we sheathed by the end of the week:


And, because of triaxial symmetry, two of the halves yet to be sheathed:


The following photos tell not only how we got to this point, but what other work was done this week…

At the end of last week we had all the common rafters up, but only two of the minor hips.  To begin sheathing the roof, all the rafters had to be up, and many of those rafters connect to the major hips.  Here you can see one of the east-west hips holding up 8 rafters:


And from the outside:


A load of 72 pcs of sheathing material (plus some bonus pieces) is moved into position:


However, the weather throws us a wicked googly, so the crew goes home before finishing the framing and starting the sheathing.  Then with another good day, we resume framing, and put the hip for west side in:


When some of the scaffolding is removed from the Annex, it starts to look a bit roomier:


In the mean time, the masons begin building the columns for the Loggia.  Here they are at course 6:


And a different perspective (at course 8):


If you look really carefully you may have noticed some new trim between the Music Room fascia and roof.  Here’s a closer look:


Finally, some major lengths of rebar were delivered, which means that we’ll soon be digging and pouring the final footings for the project, those that define the boundaries of our concrete slabs:


Hopefully we can get the footings dug and filled with concrete before another rainstorm comes and fills them first with water!