Week 116 (Loggia Roof Framing)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

The last piece of the roof framing puzzle is now falling into place, with the last steel framing members making their way across the Loggia Columns:


It won’t be long before the other framing members are placed and that last remaining part of the roof is sheathed and shingled!

Here is the steel material before it was placed:


Here’s a detailed shot of the Loggia birdsmouths:


And the backside view:


I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but the Loggia is going to really demonstrate our concept of the integration of indoor and outdoor environments.

Turning to the more conventional aspects of the week’s progress, we dug some fairly substantial trenches and filled them with conduits:


And here are those conduits from the other end of the pipes:


You may wonder how we get such nice bends in our 4″ conduit.  Here’s the grill that’s used to soften up the PVC:


And while the HVAC crew wrestles with their conduits for AC line sets, here we see the electricians placing more electrical conduits:


Here we see another machine doing duty as a scraper:


In the Annex, control joints are cut into the rebar pattern.  This will give us nicely isolated slabs, meaning that when a car drives into the garage, it will disturb neither the fun people are having in the lounge nor the work of the people in the control room:



Speaking of the Annex, I inadvertently gave the masons a really complicated task.  Namely, to balance a pair of 8″ blocks on a glass block only 3″ wide.  Here’s their work thus far:


And now with the first course of glass block installed:


And from the inside:


We’ll know in a week or two whether a complex system of dowels and mortar can defy gravity for long!

In the mean time, drywall is going up in the booths.  Here’s a cross section showing three layers of drywall in Booth B and two (of three) in Booth A:


The section shows both the Green Glue between the first and the second two layers of drywall, plus the penetration of the screws into the hat channel.  Here’s more of an overview of that section in context:


Here are the Green Glue empties:


And when all three layers are on both sides of the wall, they neatly sit flush with the 2×8 door framing members:


These 2x8s will hold our beautiful IAC NoiseLock Acoustic Doors with an STC rating of 51.  I’m looking forward to seeing those be installed!

Here’s a view showing the full 3 layers of drywall on each side of the booth walls where the soffit return projects through:


I’d love to show more but I don’t have the time to post everything right now.  Here’s a photo to show what’s happening elsewhere on the site: