Week 117 (Loggia Roof Wrapped Up)

In construction photos by Michael Tiemann

Last week we saw the placement of the Loggia Roof rafters.  This week the rafters were sheathed with plywood and the roof framing was finished, including the extensive and finely finished soffit lookouts.  Here we are midway through the sheathing process:


And even closer to half-way, the sheathing is trimmed flush to the ridge beam:


A few days later it’s all wrapped up and ready to be shingled:


This photo shows the carpentry crew’s outstanding attention to detail:


Notice how every lookout is notched and finished around the steel beam.  The picture does not do justice to the craftsmanship evident in this work!

Here is a photo taken from the western-most tip of the West Patio.  It provides some idea of what the loggia will look like when it’s truly finished:


And for you carpentry nerds, a photo showing the rafters (sloped framing members) rising above the lookouts (horizontal framing members):


These lookouts, which are sistered, are over 10′ long!  Fortunately they are carried by both the wall plates and the steel beams running across the tops of the loggia columns, so they don’t have to do quite as much work as the lookouts behind the back of the control room.

While this fine work was being done on the West side of the building, the East side continued to be torn up for conduit and foundation work.  Here’s the state we reached by the end of the week:


There’s a lot of infrastructure in those conduits!

The Annex got some wood forms to help guide the concrete pours:


Here’s a bit more detail on that:


And outside the annex the masons continued their work, finishing the block windows (which you can see above) and cutting channels into the exterior corners so that they can be finished the same way we finished the Main building’s exterior corners:


Everything keeps getting more and more beautiful right now, including the flowers in the garden:


All the best!