Week 122 (Loggia Slab Prep)

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The Loggia is getting close to being another finished part of the construction project.  Here we see the rebar and steel screens laid on top of foam that will insulate our slab from the geothermal sink known to most as Earth:

Here’s a detail of a corner of what will become the slab. Note that the slab is reinforced in 3 dimensions, as it should be:

Then the radiant flooring in the Loggia has been put into place:

Another view:

While this work is being done, there’s also work being done out in the Equipment Corrals.  At the foundation level, the outline of a compound planter box (planter triangle?) is established:

Then the fun begins…filling in the slab region with gravel:

Another view:

And another:

Later that day, the initial form for the concrete slab was put into place:

Inside, things were just as busy.  Two teams are working in the Control Room right now.  The wiring team have started pulling the first of the audio signal wire.  Here are some loops that are waiting to be pulled through “Grand Central” into the console troughs:

Here’s the intended target:

Here’s the other end of one of those loops, coming out of the void where Panel 5 will be installed in Booth B:

The other team is working up high, filling the massive bass trap at the front of the Control Room:

And a detail of the insulation between the control room and sound lock 1:

And here’s what the whole project looks like as of the end of the week:

Note the new course of blocks on the left-hand side of the patio form.  They are specially cut to hold them slab that will be poured into them:

That’s all for this week!