Week 124 (Loggia Slab, Part 1)

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The concrete truck made its first of two visits to pour the Loggia slab.  Here we can see the unfinished concrete waiting to be worked:

And the finished result:

The two slabs for the bathrooms were also poured and finished:

And while it was in the neighborhood, the truck also made a stop to pour the slab for the large equipment corral:

On the right hand side of the slab you can see the 1/4″ per foot tilt that designed into the slab to provide water drainage to keep the equipment from standing in too much water when it rains.

Speaking of rain…we had enjoyed several weeks of clear skies last month, which made our exterior work very easy.  But now the weather has turned, and as you can see in the clay between the two buildings, even after three clear days, there’s still a good bit of moisture in the soil.  Moisture that makes it quite treacherous to drive a loaded cement truck around the grounds.  I understand that the better part of Thursday was spent merely working the ground (flattening grass, pouring gravel, etc.) just so the truck wouldn’t get stuck in the mud on Friday.  Thankfully, it all worked out.

In other news, the framing lumber for the Annex was delivered:

And the netting is up in the Annex so that the ceiling can be insulated:

We’ve almost completely the installation of 3 miles of CAT6 cable:

And the cable ladders have been installed in the QR:

The attachment method is pretty sound: we have expoxied threaded rod going through the inner wythe and into the outer wythe, with three bolts per bracket.  We should be able to carry all that cable weight without a problem.  Note also that the bottoms of the brackets are over 7′ high.  That gives us room to roll our racks around in the QR without any interference.

I look forward to reporting more progress next week!