Week 131 (Panels Energized)

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We have power!

The green sticker on the box feeding the meter means we passed the inspection, and the handle in the up position on the switch panel means current can flow from our local transformer into the facility.  With much power comes much responsibility…

Here are some temp legends explaining where the bulk of our power is going:

Panel “L” is lighting, and as you can see there are a lot of lights that can be turned on.  Of course the real excitement, especially when the thermometer reads over 100°F, are the air conditioning units.  Here you can see that the copper coolant pipes have been plumbed, connected, and welded:

The duct-work stored in the Control Room seems to be multiplying:

I look forward to seeing how these pieces fit together to make the return ducts.

The dadoes have been finished in all five doors in the Music Room.  Here’s a perspective that shows how a ripped 2×8 fits snugly into the dado channeled into the block:

Here’s the reverse perspective:

Notice in both cases above how the cypress ceiling warms the blocks and the silver floor protection makes them cold.  Under that silver protection is beautiful Tile Red concrete.  Should look fantastic when the wraps come off.

On the framing front the soffit returns are now almost finished in the booths:

And Booth B:

But that is by no means the only framing going on.  Over in the Annex, the ceiling over the garage has been framed:

As you may recall from last week, we had been delaying this work until some birds had fully fledged.  They have now taken flight, leaving behind only their empty nest:

Water lines are being run through the framing:

And that leaves a lot of litter (before it gets swept up):

Moving to the outside, we can see a lot of work being done to prepare for the pouring of the North Patio.  First, 4 mil plastic is laid down over settled gravel to create a vapor barrier:

Then the rebar chairs…

…are placed into position and the rebar aligned according to the diamond grid:

All that patio space (not to mention the roofs of the buildings) will shed a lot of water, so we’re planning an extensive drainage system.  Here’s a hole dug for a catch-basin between the Main building and the Annex:

Ironically, you cannot tell how deep it is because it rained really hard right after the hole was dug and it’s still full of water.

Here are some of the drain pipe elements that will create our network for water management underground:

And a second pipe of pipes:

Perhaps this provides a better perspective of the size of these things:

Something tells me that there’s going to be a lot of activity happening during the next few weeks!