Week 134 (North Patio, Part 2)

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While we await some magical creations from the carpentry shop, the masons and the concrete crew have center stage.  Here’s a view of the almost-completed North Patio:

Here’s a little more detail about this weeks work…

The concrete is poured into forms which look like this when they are empty:

And this when they are filled:

Here’s another perspective:

I have to tell you…the color looks fantastic.  The rich red color you see in the foreground is about what it should look like after we apply concrete sealer (which was done later that day).

The patio changes not only the visage of the studio, but also its complexion.  Since the dye-casting process has moved around the corner, the crew has removed the plastic from in front of the booth windows.  Note how the patio changes the color of the light reflected by the walls:

And the other side…

It really warms up the color of the rooms (as if they needed it).

The ducts have been fitted into the Loggia ceiling:

And the Lounge windows have been trimmed and painted (stained, actually):

And unfortunately, that’s all the progress we have to report for this week.  Until next time…