Week 136 (Trough Drain, Part 2)

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The trough drain and the Patio diamonds started to become one this week:

The patio diamonds on the right are hard up against the drain’s right hand side, and the masons are preparing the rebar for the pour on Monday that will establish the patio to the left of the trough drain.

You can also see in the above photo, and the one below, that there’s quite a lot of room for concrete to flow under the drain:

The height of two concrete blocks tells you that the concrete will be 16″ deep under the drain.  There’s obviously several inches from the bottom of the drain to the top of the slab, into which more diamonds will be carved.  Defense in depth, I suppose 😉

Here are some photos showing how we got to this point:

In the above photo you can see that the progressive fall of the drain carves down into the concrete blocks underneath, so that we’re using one-and-a-fraction of a block as the drain gets deeper and deeper.

Here’s the drain’s deepest point:

The concrete pours and tooling that were done last week were sealed this week, revealing a lot of beauty:

Beauty that only gets better as one gets closer:

And finally, a reminder that the trough drain is just part of our drainage solution.  In the foreground, a catch basin that complements the trough drain with an 8″ diameter pipe:

Moving around to the inside, there has been some progress in the Control Room.  Namely, the return ducts have been put into place:

Moreover, a window has been cut into the back side of the front wall to admit some supply ducts:

Here’s another view:

And a view looking down from the supply cutout to the return ducts:

And all the junction boxes that will power all the equipment above the Control Room:

Finally, a preview of some work to be done…the floor plan:

It’s going to be a while before we’re actually laying down the floor, but I’m glad to see that we’re studying for the test well in advance…