Week 139 (Music Room Cloud, Part 1)

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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  I’m feeling a bit lazy, so I will start off with some photos showing approximately 20% of the Music Room cloud, the Southwestern section:

The same, from a slightly different perspective:

And if those two don’t do it, perhaps this one will:

From these different perspectives it should be fairly obvious that what would be a fairly simple tessellation in two dimensions is something quite lovely in three:

What you might be able to see, if you look very closely, is that the cherry trim that will be visible on the bottom of the cloud are alternatingly convex and concave (or reflex, as topologists called it) as each axis crosses the center:

Here is a reflex edge all by itself, milled from a single piece of cherry:

Next week we should see whole cloud framed, and then the task of installing the diffusive and absorptive panels can begin.

In other news overhead, the cherry paneling has been installed on the ceiling of the Control Room:

Looking straight up from in front of the couch, here’s how a fish would see it:

And then how your or I might more normally see it (from the console, looking above the couch):

Either way, the wood looks wonderful!

The next major new initiative is the wood floor that runs throughout the main studio.  The first step is the 3/4″ sub-floor.  Our General Contractor thought long and hard about precisely how he wanted to lay the floor, with many alternatives proposed and discussed.  In the end, he settled on a 3/4″ Advantech subfloor, attached to the concrete with tapcons.  Here’s the first bundle of Advantech for the floor:

And here’s the first bit of subfloor installed, in Booth C:

All those little gray splotches you see every 6″ in the North/South dimension and 12″ in the East/West dimension is the dust pulled up from drilling pilot holes for the tapcon screws.  There are 49 screws per full board, and lots of boards (as you can see from the plans):

Lots of boards and lots of holes:

But soon the wood floor was down in Booth C:

And even a start in Booths A and B:

Over in the Annex, another ton or two of sheetrock has been installed.  Here is the Annex Control Room with its latest layers:

As you can see from this close-up, there are 6 layers of sheetrock between the inner and outer frame of this wall:

But that’s just half the story.  There will be a second wall framed in front of this double-wall to create the final bass trap at the rear of the room.

Moving to the outside, work continues on the Patio.  Here’s a short sequence showing that:

And with that, I wish all of you a blessed and peaceful Labor Day weekend!