Week 143 (Rope Lights)

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This week was mostly progress on smaller things, which is sometimes needed so that bigger things can get done.  With our spiffy new cloud in the Music Room, we put up the finishing touch of some LED rope lights:

That’s just after they were installed by the electrician, but just before they were finally hidden with trim:

It’s not super-easy to see the effect of the rope lights in daylight, but you can see they are tracing their outline on the ceiling and they are completely hidden by the outer trim of the cloud.  Is anybody missing a bear?

We started the wire pulls between the Annex and the Main building:

That’s about 40% of the wire.  Here’s the view from the other side…kinda:

Needless to say…it’s a lot of wire and we didn’t finish by Friday, so we’ll be pulling more on Monday.

In this photo the Control Room floor is better than halfway done:

That project was finished by Friday, meaning that the next floor to be installed will be in the Music Room.  The grid has been drawn onto the subfloor:

I look forward to seeing the rhombille tiling pattern expressed in the floor, not to mention a lot of other work getting done as we finish up the major work in each room.

As for tracking our progress toward out end date (hopefully fully operational with bugs worked out and rooms rung out by the end of the year), we can look back to where we were during the 2nd week of July.  At that time we were still building forms for the patio (none of the concrete had yet been poured), we had our panels energized (but no A/C for another 3 weeks), and we were just finishing the major framing of the Annex after some birds had fledged and gone.  We have definitely made huge progress since then.  The next two weeks are going to be decisive in terms of setting us up for the final push.