Week 145 (IAC Door Installation)

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This week our door installation team hung 12 more IAC  doors, all in the Main building.  In this photo you can see 9 of them (if you know what to look for):

That’s one and a half tons of hardware that moves with effortless precision.  Let’s rewind a bit to see how we got here (and to see what else was accomplished)…

The weather this week remained excellent, with cool, sunny days most of the week, and a well-predicted rain on Thursday, which impacted us not at all.  Dry weather early in the week was appreciated as we staged our frames outdoors.  Here you can see a pallet holding two crates, each holding two frames that each will hold two door leaves:

All that doubling adds up quickly!

Here’s a frame just installed in Booth B:

Here’s a detail showing half the hinge that half-holds up a 325 lb door:

Needless to say, plumb and level is the order of the day, and the installers spent a lot of time with a laser to ensure that when these doors swing, they swing true.

Here’s a view from the Music Room of a door that opens out into the Loggia:

Here’s a view from inside of Booth C:

And from the outside:

Let’s change gears now and look at what’s happening in the Music Room.  As you saw in the photos above, there’s a major flooring operation underway.  First we assessed the range of colors in our flooring materials:

Then we decided that we do have a wide enough variation to try to sort them into dark, medium, and light samples:

When you see the wood from one angle the effect is fairly subtle:

But as you change your position, the effect becomes more pronounced:

Kinda like the “sweet spot” in a control room…

While using a laser to define the center-line of the room for the floor pattern…

…it was also possible to check how well centered the cloud was.  I’ve slightly highlighted the actual laser line (which is a bit wider on the cloud than the bright red line I used for highlighting):

Here’s another view that shows the laser a bit better…no image enhancements here:

It’s one thing to achieve such alignment when you can nail or screw something to a fixed reference point…it’s a different beast when you are suspending something in space from a dozen or more control points.

Meanwhile, the wiring project continues.  Here the cables are finally pulled from “grand central” (under the control room window) into the wiring trough below the console:

And the wires we’ve been pulling from the Annex to the QR…

Are now off the floor and up on the ladders in the QR:

Finally, the control room pull is finished, and the wire ends are protected from the carpentry work that’s now ramping up.  Already you can see that some speaker soffits and the amp rack box have been fabricated:

Here’s a face-on view of the soffit:

And an off-axis view:

And finally, from the rear:

Now it’s time to check out where we were if we are now half-way finished by the end of the year.  There are 11 weeks until Jan 1st, but one is Thanksgiving and one is New Years, so we really have more like 9-10 work weeks left.  910 weeks ago we were building the trough drain:

Now that drain is sending water quite a ways away from the studio:

And so with that, I leave you with this image of nature showing the colors of fall in Pittsboro:

And a promise to provide another update next week.