Week 147 (Music Room Floor, Part 2)

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Started in earnest last week, the floor of the Music Room remains this week’s major production.  And indeed, progress is looking good:

Here is that progress from another perspective:

As done as it may look, there’s still quite a ways to go:

At current production speed, we should be done nailing boards by the end of next week, and then it will be on to sanding and finishing.

Another big project this week was trenching for a new conduit run connecting the studio and the house:

Here’s the Ditch Witch in action:

And here’s what keeps it going…more gasoline!

It’s a long run, but within the range of SR fiber, so we will have great connectivity between the residence and the studio.

Back inside, the Booths have been stripped in preparation for the installation of 705 fiberglass on the walls:

And deep inside, above the Control Room, the HVAC system is finally starting to come together:

So far the pressure tests look good:

There’s also been a lot of progress made on the Control Room, but I’ll save the details for next week.

In honor of the American tradition of Halloween, here’s the studio’s equivalent of candy:

Hey!  That’s what it looks like to me!!

Until next week…