Week 148 (Control Room Wood Trim)

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The wood trim in the Control Room is now complete:

Getting to that point was definitely more than half the fun…

Here is a detail to show what we’re up against:

It looks very straightforward: the TopAkoustik is milled to be precisely the size of the blocks, and the strips between the panels of TopAkoustik are precisely the width of the block’s mortar joints.  But it’s not that easy…In reality the blocks are ever so slightly irregular, and the masons compensate for that by making the mortar joints heavy or light so that the top of each course is true.  Earlier in the project I’ve shown photos where the bottoms are a bit ragged…that’s the nature of concrete.  But wood is a material that can support (and show) much finer tolerances.  Thus, the magic in the above photo is that the carpenters have fooled the eye into believing that the wood and the blocks are perfectly mated together on an even 8″ course grid.

Here a bit of “magic trim” is being tacked on to the edge of some TopAkoustik:

And up it goes…note the progress on the speaker soffits, which now have an extra layer of sheetrock around the MDF, as well as a connection down to the concrete pillars that hold them in place:

The TopAkoustik gets a miter cut:

And then put into place:

It looks magnificent!

In other news, we continued the trenching project, laying in conduit:

And more conduit:

And then covering the tracks:

Elsewhere, strips are being installed for the fabric walls.  Note the laser line used to keep everything perfectly straight and level:

And the HVAC folks are hard at work in their small corners:

That’s mostly what’s happened this past week.  Next week there will surely be more to report…