Week 149 (Booth B Wood Trim)

In construction photos by manifold_admin

As usual, it is difficult to pick a title for this blog entry because so many milestones are being reached across the project, but I chose to begin with the progress in Booth B because it is such a logical successor to last week’s posting about the Control Room Wood Trim.  But now that it’s mostly done, it should be obvious why this must follow that:

As magical as it looks, there’s a lot of magic behind the TopAkoustik finish to make it sound magical as well…

To begin at the beginning (of the week, that is), we see that 2″ rigid fiberglass is installed first.  Here it is in Booth A:

And across to Booth B:

Once that was up, it was just a small matter of cutting board after board, and getting it up there:

Notice how seamlessly the TopAkoustik turns the corner as it goes from vertical to following the roof pitch:

Here’s a view showing how nicely the cherry finish of the TopAkoustik matches our architectural block:

Outside the building, 40 tons of stone are placed into the area where the West Patio will be:

Here’s the opposite view, which really highlights the fact that our West Patio wall is still unfinished:

It also highlights the fact that we’ve got stone piled up more than 2′ high across an area of about 1000 sq ft.  That’s a lot of stone…but we need another 20 tons:

After a few more days of masonry work and packing, the most of the last 20 tons are added to the 40 tons already there, for a total of 60 tons of stone that will underlay our slab:

And from the front:

Finally, a form is built for the next extension of our patio:

Meanwhile, ELCO connectors are getting pinned in the Control Room:

More 705 gets cut to size for the Sound Locks:

And a significant amount of work is done in the Control Room Attic on the HVAC units:

And the reverse view:

And a long reverse view:

Inside the Utility Room, the Clean Power wires are pulled and circuits added to the panel:

And now for our look backward and forward.  There are 6 weeks left in the 2010 calendar, and really only about 4 work weeks.  Here’s where we were 4-6 weeks ago:

Here’s where we are now:

It’s going to take some hustle to get this room running by the end of the year, but we have lots of material and manpower now in place to really ramp things up in the weeks to come.