Week 153 (Final Tech Wire Pull)

In construction photos by manifold_admin

There has been some visible progress on the project this past week, but the most important (even if it is the least visible) was the successful completion of the last technical wiring pull.  For months we’ve been stymied by a break somewhere in a 4″ conduit between the Main and Annex buildings, but now we are through:

Those wires coming out of the middle hole are the ones we have been waiting for: 30 strands of OM-3 fiber, 16 strands of RG-6, 4 strands of SMPTE 311M, and 4 (?) CAT6 cables complete the infrastructure connections of our design.  Now the terminations can begin…

In the Control Room we’ve got some rope lights up now:

Glass is now being set into the Loggia.  Here the mitred edge of a pane of glass provides a beautiful rainbow:

Here you can see how the glass interfaces with the exterior block wall.  It looks very unfinished because of the blue tape on both sides of the glass, but when we’re done, it should look like the glass just disappears into the block:

By the end of the week, all the mitred glass is set (temporarily) into place.  Here’s 2/3rds of the panorama:

The glass cannot be more permanently installed until its warm enough for the bonding agent to cure.  And the same goes for the concrete: with hard-freezing temperatures virtually every night (except for when it rains), we cannot make any progress there, either.

This week we finished the ceiling of Sound Lock 2.  Here’s the pile of material before the ceiling went up:

And here it is in place:

Here’s a view showing how the Sound Lock and the Music Room relate as one looks up.  The change in direction of the TopAkoustic reflects the fact that the Sound Lock follows the grain of the Control Room, which is different than the grain of the Music Room:

I hope the remaining material is enough for Sound Lock 1:

Last but not least, the ductwork for the Lounge is in production and should be finished soon:

We’re still on plan to open in about 10-12 weeks (which is really 9-10 working weeks).  It seems quite a coincidence to me that our big news 9 weeks ago was the installation of rope lights on the Music Room Cloud and the first successful wire pull between the two buildings:

I must confess, just looking at those two data points (wire pull #1 vs. wire pull #2) makes me think we need to really pick up the pace.  But then again, the reason that I chose the lede I did is because getting that final pull done should help us accelerate a lot of our technical infrastructure going forward.  Now it’s up to us to prove that correct…after the holiday season.