Week 154 (Sanding the Music Room Floor)

In construction photos by manifold_admin

In some ways, the progress this week has been lots of small things.  But in another, progress has definitely been made on one very large thing: the Music Room floor is no longer a staging area for other work, but an object of work itself.

We’ve come a long way since the beginning of last week…

Alas, we are just at the start of this process, rather than the end.  Here are the sanding belts that are yet to be used:

The effects of the sanding machine, stripping off the test finish of wood that we recycled within our project:

And a small detail of the sawdust not yet swept up from the first pass:

I can only imagine what this wood will look like when the sanding is done and the finish is applied!

This past week we’ve made a lot of progress on our campus-wide network.  Six weeks ago we were laying conduit into a 900′ long trench:

For the past four weeks TimeWarner Business Class has been trenching the half-mile from our driveway to the point at which they can transition to aerial runs.  Having done that, they bored 200′ horizontally under our driveway to meet up with a junction we strategically placed along our 900′ conduit run.  Here’s their equipment and conduit that will make the connection between our campus and their network:

Here’s the front end of that conduit ready to be pulled through to the road:

With fiber pulled and terminated, we are ready to establish our first network connections:

Success–this VOIP phone successfully booted up using a Digium Switchvox that’s located at the far end of these fiber connections:

Sheetrock is now up in the bathroom ceilings:

In the Lounge we’ve been making steady progress on a number of fronts: the ductwork looks like it’s almost finished:

And cabinets for the kitchen have also been delivered:

With next Friday being Christmas Eve, I wonder what will be ready for me to see on Christmas Day!