Week 157 (QR Terminations)

In construction photos by manifold_admin

It’s now time to shine a little light on the work of our intrepid wiring crew.  It was back in May [Week 122] when the wiring team first started pulling analog signal wires through our conduits, which connect the Control Room to the wall panels.  A week later [Week 123] they begin pulling our digital, video, and networking cables, connecting the non-analog interfaces of those same panels with the QR.  The analog cables were all terminated in mid-November [Week 149].  This week, 34 weeks after the first pull, the job of terminating the cables began in earnest:

And continued…

with lots more to do:

By the end of the week, nearly all the wires we plan to terminate this time around are done:

For reference, Panel 1 (which most other panels follow), looks like this:

and so these QR terminations are handling MADI In and Out, SDI Vidio In and Out, Video Ref, Wordclock, AES inputs and outputs, Video over CAT-6, Headphone mixes, and our GigE over copper network.  We’re going to hold off for now terminating the fiber connections: Video fiber, the SMPTE 311M hybrid optical fiber, and the 10GigE over OM-3 fiber network.  In any case, we have a ton (literally) of cables now terminated, and that feels great!

In other news, the Control Room glass has been delivered:

The inner plate is 3/4″ thick and approximately 4′ tall and 8′ wide.  The outer plate is 1/2″ thick, and approximately 14′ wide and 4′ high.  Based on the standard density of tempered glass, that works out to more than 700 lbs for the glass alone.  I look forward to seeing it installed next week.

The cabinets in the Lounge have been hung on the walls and inserted into the block:

The Loggia doors are being installed:

Ductwork for Booth C is underway:

A template was made for the plates that will cover our console trough:

The trough plates will be finished in wood, making it disappear into the floor:

And that’s not all…we’re starting to study how our driveway plans agree/disagree with the site’s topography:

There are no easy answers…but with effort we will try to find the right answers.

Finally, to compare where we are right now with where we were and hope to be…  Since last week we looked 8 weeks forward and 8 weeks back, this week we’ll look 7 weeks back:

I am so glad we are beyond that now!  But I am also mindful that 7 weeks is really not all that far away, even with all the progress we are making each week.