Week 159 (Coverings…an incomplete list)

In construction photos by manifold_admin

Looking at the few photos from this past week, the unifying theme seems to be that of coverings—things that lay on top of other things.  For example, granite countertops now cover the cabinetry in the Lounge:

and in Booth A:

(Yes, the two countertops are the same material–it’s the lighting and exposure that makes one look gray and the other black.)

For the past 30+ days the weather has been unfavorable for us to make any progress pouring sections of our patio (and thus covering up all the rebar that’s been waiting to be covered up).  However, we did get one day (and only just) that was favorable for covering up the ground where we’re going to place a series of reflecting pools.  Here’s the slab, with impressions (low spots) for our pump drains:

I think that was two full loads of concrete to make that.

In the event that we get any favorable weather in the near future (none forecast for the next 10 days, but we can hope!), rebar and plastic cover compacted gravel for what will be our next concrete pour:

There is still a good 1000 sq ft of patio work to finish.  The sooner we get nights above freezing, the sooner we can make progress on that!

In the control room we’ve managed to cover up our wiring trough.  The cover is a series of 3/4″ subfloor where the covering will be removable, and 1/2″ thick steel where we support the console legs.  Here’s what it looks like without the wood flooring on top:

And here’s a detail looking down one of the openings in the steel:

The floors are all getting covered with many more coats of Tung Oil.  Here’s Booth B after a recent application:

All the floors are now on their 3rd (or more) coat.  I understand that thus far the Music Room floor is consuming just under 1 gallon of Tung Oil per coat, which after 3 coats means about 2.5 gallons.  When I asked “how many more coats will it take?” the answer that came back was “when the wood stops absorbing it”.  Nevertheless, things look fabulous, as this photo of Booth A also shows:

Finally, the walls in Booth C are being covered as well…with fabric:

Notice that we have some ceiling coverage as well–a cherry outline to what will be a small cloud.  It should be a nice little booth when it’s finished!