Week 164 (Glass Diffusors)

In construction photos by manifold_admin

Last week was all about getting the console commissioned. This week was all about getting the rest of the Control Room finished, notably the glass diffusors.  Two years ago this month I published a posting titled “A prototype” and this week that prototype became an actual installation.  The prototype:


The final result:

Their amazing beauty is not easily obtained…

First, there are many small parts:

There are many small parts because there are many parts of all sizes, and some of them are small.  Here you can see a small part of the overall schematic:

And each of the five layers of these diffusors involves putting these pieces together in slightly different ways.  Here’s a study of the green (actually “teal”) layer:

And here are some diffusors partially assembled:

Building the diffusors became a race to the finish:

It literally took over a whole factory for weeks:

Every place where a piece of glass is inserted must be carefully routed:

The above are routings for the Teal glass.  Below are routings for Red and Yellow glass:

And those routings as assembled for the Red glass layer:

When they are all installed, they cast a heck of a shadow:

In other news, the North Patio will be complete with three more pours:

With the nice weather this weekend, it really is a wonderful place to be, and so close to being done!