Week 181 (Surrounded)

In construction photos by manifold_admin

Try as I might to get the posts out in a timely fashion, sessions this past week really got in the way of that.  Which is a good thing!

The title of this blog post is taken from the fact that we had a session requesting surround monitoring capability.  With a 64-channel API Vision, there’s no question we’d be doing surround work in the Main Control Room, but we kinda expected we’d ease into that work after having a chance to do a proper speaker shootout.  Not so.  Luckily for us, we got our hands on a fully 5.1 Dynaudio AIR 15 surround setup, and here’s what it looks like all set up:

The setup worked really well because the AIR 15 surrounds and the M4s mains have a fairly consistent voicing, good for switching between stereo and surround.  The other nice thing (not immediately apparent) is that the AIR 15 left, center, and right channels are all on motorized Sound Anchor stands, so they can be raised or lowered depending on the kind of monitoring we want to do.  Sweet!

Speaking of surround, the Harrison Console was moved into the Annex Control Room:

We are a little behind the 8-ball in terms of wiring, but we should have the panels we need delivered in the next week.  When they arrive, the wiring will go quickly, and we’ll have a second console online before you can say “Linux!”.  Until then, it remains safely wrapped in plastic:

In other news, the Marimba looks good in Booth A:

Actually, quite good:

The Lounge was given a fresh coat of sealer:

We did a lot of landscaping, starting with the plant bed just beyond the North Patio.  Here it is freshly filled with topsoil:

And not long after, filled with plants:

Lots of work done on the Pergola (though nothing hung to show for it):

Many rafter tails were cut and routed so they’d be flush against the copper flashing of our exterior fascia boards:

So much has been done…so much yet to do!