Week 183 (Lighting Up the Trion)

In construction photos by manifold_admin

Time for some fun!  This week we got the wiring in the Annex to the point where we could turn on our Harrison Trion console:

As you can see, we have not quite tidied up the Annex Control Room.  But with only six PSU cables to plug into the wall and a single CAT6 cable to plug into the Console, it’s pretty easy to turn on, turn off, and move into position when we get our painted floor plates next week.

Here’s a shot down fader row:

You can see the IKIS Master screen way back in the Machine Room.  We’ll pull the remaining keyboard/video/mouse cables to the console first thing next week.

Here’s our massive routing capability, with Antelope 10M and Trinity clocks in the background:

This routing infrastructure connects 128 channels of Xdubber playback/record at 96K, 96 channels of Xrange channel DSP, and a dedicated Xrange box for 64-bit aux and group sends/summing and monitoring.  Above it we have IO cards that can do 32 channels of analog I/O and 32 channels of AES IO at 96K.

Here’s screen detail:

Note the personalization delivered by the Harrison!

Meanwhile, we continue to piece together the Pergola.  Here’s where we started the week:

We filled in the missing rafters (which were complicated because they sit on the posts as well as crossing the beam) and then started to puzzle out the fascia.  Here some acrobatics are employed to try to convince the wood to stay straight while it’s fastened to the rafters:

Here’s the workstation for making the incredibly complex fascia boards:

They said it would not be easy, and it’s not!  Hopefully we’ll finish next week.

Meanwhile, our North Terrace is now about 60% complete:


One last look at our new 48-fader/96-channel/3-layer board:

Next week we should have some real beauty shots.