Organic Evolution

In construction photos by manifold_admin

We are very proud of the design and construction of Manifold Recording, and we’ve shared that pride in many ways.  But nothing is ever perfect because nothing is ever finished.  In the past year experience has taught us what no amount of planning necessarily could, and so some of the folks who helped bring this studio into existence are back, making things a little bit better.

Inside the building we added several new circuits for lighting, including a dedicated circuit for our new 2KW 10″ studio fresnel, which is powerful enough to provide key lighting for a 5-member ensemble (and then some):


Here you can see the dedicated circuit outlet here (plus all the other outlets we added for additional lighting sources):


In addition to the enhancements inside the building, we also added a new pathway for power distribution outside the building:


Of course, every new thing must respect every old thing.  The excavation team is careful to avoid cutting through our water line:


Here’s one of the places we’ll send this new power, which will help when we want to illuminate the driveway at night:


One of the most challenging things to get right is drainage.  We worked long and hard to ensure that all water that flows from or around the studio has a good place to go.  But every new thing also changes the water flow equation, so you don’t really know until you are done what it takes to get the water going the right way.  The one place we didn’t quite get right was the water coming from the North of the studio.  After many discussions about possible options, we decided to make a swale to match the many other swales already present in the landscaping.


This may look extreme right now, but after the mulch is put back and after it’s had a chance to settle, it will look unremarkable.  And it will mean that we don’t have to redistribute the mulch every time we get a hard rain (hopefully)!

In case you are curious what’s in bloom in December, here’s a peak:


Hard to believe, but we’ll be in daffodils before you know it!