Acoustic Duo win Songwriting Contest…and a day in the studio

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Beat Your Boots is the name of a new acoustic guitar duo from Fayetteville, North Carolina. Stationed at Fort Bragg, Chris Roberts and Jacob Eubanks write and perform original tunes that are gaining traction on local radio stations such as 95.7 WKML and winning fans as they open shows in the area.

Last year we offered a day in the studio as a prize for the annual Huske Unplugged Singer/Songwriter Competition. I had a chance to see some of the winners from years past, and I was impressed! New artists need every advantage they can get these days, and we felt that when the audience and the judges pick the best of more than 50 new artists, the winner deserves to make a demo they can be proud of. This year, Chris and Jacob won, and so it was their turn to find a day they could take leave from the base and record some songs. Turns out it took them until nearly Christmas to take that leave.

Here are some photos from that session:

Jacob making sure he’s in tune:


Chris cuts up…


…before getting down to work:


Jacob laying down tracks:


It was great to work with these guys, and we look forward to seeing the video footage married to the mixes we did in the studio. We wish them much success with their careers, and we thank them, and all the men and women in uniform, for their service to our country.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!