Wayne Krantz returns to The Miraverse

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Wayne Krantz first visited The Miraverse February 15th, 2015 after receiving the All Clear from Jimmy Herring and others.  That night we recorded Wayne playing with long-time collaborator Keith Carlock on drums and Grammy-winning legend Anthony Jackson on bass.  And we have the video to prove it:

It was an incredible evening, listening to a mix of older songs as well as several new selections from his just-released album Good Piranha / Bad Piranha.  These new songs were an exploration of what might happen if Wayne used some well-known hooks as the kindling for his virtuoso pyrotechnics.  Songs like MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” and Ice Cube’s “Check Yo Self” never sounded so progressive!

So here’s the exciting news about Wayne’s return to The Miraverse on October 19, 2016:


Wayne will be playing with 2x[Salvation], with Kevin Scott on bass and Zach Danziger on drums.  Like Good Piranha / Bad Piranha, Wayne will take his inspiration from the music of others, but from a very different playlist: Bob Dylan, Talking Heads, Prince, Sonic Youth, NIN, and more.  He’s calling it an “undercover pop tour”.

While we don’t know exactly what this means yet, we do know that he’s continuing to reconsider what we thought were musical milestones and to show us how they can be reimagined in contemporary, unique, and fantastic ways.  It may also cause us to reimagine other songs we hear in our ambient universe, jazzing them up in our own minds along the way.

In honor of this encore performance, we are delighted to share with you a previously unpublished video of Wayne’s actual encore performance of that night: Why…

And now that you know Why, you probably have all the information you need to decide that YES!  You want to hear Wayne when he comes back to The Miraverse in October.  So, to attend this event, head over to our Eventbrite site and book a ticket that fits your appetite and your budget.  It will be an incredible afternoon/evening!  There’s early-bird special pricing for a limited number of seats.  After September 5th, or after the first-come seats are sold out, prices go up…