Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy Tour 2016

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Once upon a time, there existed a very special kind of music that cast a magic spell upon its listeners.  Beyond sheer beauty and raw excitement, this music bestowed powers of creativity beyond imagination, revealing a transcendent possible beyond any conventional reality.  I first encountered such music when I was 12 years old, in the form of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s Tarkus.  I had grown up in a music family and had listened to a wide range of music all my life, but this album challenged and inspired me like nothing I had ever experienced before.  It was magic for me.

Imagine my surprise when late in the summer I received a call from one of Carl Palmer‘s agents telling me that he had come across The Miraverse and was interested in routing his tour through Pittsboro, NC.  Seriously–try and imagine it!

And so now, I am proud, pleased, and gobsmacked to say that on Monday, November 21st, we will be hosting the final leg of Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy Tour 2016.  That’s the Monday before US Thanksgiving, so if you come to the event, you will definitely have something to talk about during Thanksgiving dinner!

For tickets, please visit this Eventbrite link.  It will be an amazing evening with a legendary musician.  We hope you to see you there!  And please share this information with others (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.)–we really want to get the word out, both to audience members, but also to other legendary musicians who might be similarly inclined to play and record for their fans in the intimate environment of The Miraverse, at Manifold Recording.