On 17 acres of beautiful rural land, Manifold Recording is a high-end, full-scale, carbon-neutral recording studio and media production facility.

Our Main Studio features a 64-channel analog API Vision console in a large, comfortable Control Room overlooking a 1400 sq ft Main Room (with 24’ ceiling), two large Booths (with 16’ ceilings), and an unrivaled view into the natural environment beyond. A brilliant environment for both recording and mixing, it is large enough to accommodate a 45-member chamber orchestra, but warm and beautiful enough to make a solo artist feel right at home.

Our Studio Annex features a 144 channel digital Harrison Trion console in a novel control room design optimized for both stereo and surround sound mixing.

img_1928Both rooms are equipped with ProTools so you can use Manifold Recording for any phase of your project, or all of it. In addition to all the high-end microphones, gear, and instruments you would expect from a high-end studio, we also have comprehensive catalog of video gear, including a number of RED cameras, professional lighting instruments, and other infrastructure to support both video recording and internet streaming of sessions and/or concerts. (Concerts are the domain of The Miraverse, our sister site.)

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