The pages describing the Main Control Room and the Annex Control Room provide ample details about the specifics of the consoles and the monitoring systems. This page details everything else. If there are is any specific gear you wish to use in a particular way in a particular environment, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss the possibilities.

Traditional Instruments

YamahaCF-9 Concert Grand Piano (1983)
MarimbaOne5-1/2 Octave Premium Keyboard w/Basso Bravo resonators
HammondB-3 Organ (1963-½)
LeslieR-122 with Space Echo reverb
IndiaPremium Tablas
SonorPerformer Series (5 piece)

Amplifiers and Cabinets

Carr AmplifiersSlant V6 (head only)
Rambler (12” speaker)
Mercury (12” speaker)
2x12” open-back cabinet
Eden4x10” Bass Cabinet
MesaBoogie Mark IV
SWR400W Bass Amp

Artist Monitoring

AviomA-16II Personal Monitor8
SennheiserHD-280 Headphones12
WhirlwindHeadphone 1:6 splitters4

Analog and Digital Synthesizers

KurzweilK2600XS V.A.S.T. Synthesizer with 88 weighted keys
MoogEtherwave Plus theremin
NordLead 3 Synthesizer

19″ Rack Gear (Preamps, EQs, Compressors)

Alan SmartC-2 Stereo Compressor2
API3124MB+ Preamp4
2500 Compressor2
Avalon2022 Preamp2
M-5 Preamp1
U-5 DI1
BAE1084 Preamp / EQ8
DW FearnVT-2 Preamp2
VT-5 EQ2
VT-7 Compressor2
Empirical LabsEL-8 Distressor (Brit Mod / Stereo Link)2
GML8034 Preamp4
8200 EQ2
8900 Dynamics2
HardyM-2 Preamp4
ManleyMassive Passive2
Vari-Mu Limiter / Compressor2
MillenniaHV-3D Preamp24
TD-1 Twin Direct Recording System1
SPLTransient Designer4
Tube-TechMP 1A Preamp2
SMC 2B Multi-Band Compressor2
Universal Audio1176 Limiting Amplifier2
Teletronix LA-2A2

19″ Rack Gear (Reverbs)

BricastiM7 Reverb v2 (IKIS remote)4
EventideH8000 (with eveNET remote)1
Lexicon960L (with LARC2)1
tc electronicM6000 (icon remote)1

500 Series Modules

A Designs AudioEM-PEQ2
Chandler Ltd.Little Devil EQ2
Little Devil Compressor2
Empirical LabsDerrEsser2
Great RiverHarrison 32EQ4
La Chapel583e2
Little LabsVOG2
Shadow HillsDual Vandergraph1 Stereo
Mono GAMMA Mic Pre2
Solid State LogicStereo Bus Compressor1 Stereo
Speck ElectronicsASC-V2