Gene Simmons: we don’t have a clue

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The hosts 35,000 producers, musicians, audio engineering professionals, and aspirants who talk about everything from high end gear (aka the expensive stuff) to low end theory (studio bling on a shoestring) to politics and serious social issues (as seen from the mix position). I believe that experience is the …

Three stories and an argument

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Here’s a link to Larry Lessig’s speech from the 2007 TED conference. Spend twenty minutes to understand twenty first century creativity and culture. It is dazzling in its brilliants, and shattering with its insights. Please comment with your reactions.

Kid Pan Alley in North Carolina

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My daughter is eight years old, and one of her favorite CDs is the Kid Pan Alley Nashville CD. She knows all the lyrics, all the melodies, and uses it as inspiration for her own flights of poetic fancy. Which is wonderful when you consider the mission statement of Kid …