Week 125 (Loggia Slab, Part 2)

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At long last, the main building is edging toward completion.  The Loggia had long been the unfinished piece: last to get a roof and last to get a slab.  But now that work is done, and it is gorgeous: Here’s another perspective:

Week 123 (The QR)

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While progress continues all around the site, one topic that’s been getting a huge amount of attention lately has been the wiring plan and the audio eQuipment Room (which we call the QR).  Here is an overview (literally) of the QR: Here’s what it looks like down on earth:

Week 122 (Loggia Slab Prep)

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The Loggia is getting close to being another finished part of the construction project.  Here we see the rebar and steel screens laid on top of foam that will insulate our slab from the geothermal sink known to most as Earth: Here’s a detail of a corner of what will …

New Blog Host: WordPress.com

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I have moved my blog over to WordPress.com.  It’s not that I didn’t like the previous hosting service, but they sent me a note saying they’d no longer be responsible for providing free WordPress.org hosting, and I could not be bothered to fight with them about that. The transition has …

Updated draft wiring panels

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Here’s my lastest drawings for the wiring panels in the studio, which I just updated today.  The panel numbers correspond to a wiring infrastructure diagram that I’ve also updated (mostly).

Construction photos: week 12

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After (the short) week 11, things really got moving in week 12, in an “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” kinda way. It turns out that a network of 30+ 4″ PVC pipes is just not that simple, and in order to handle the (minimal) pipe-crossing that …

Starting a carbon neutral conversation

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Yesterday I was thrilled to discover that Manifold Recording was the #1 Google result for the search term “carbon neutral recording studio“. I know that such a goal (achieving carbon neutrality, not the Google ranking) is a challenging one, and thus it makes sense to test the assumptions, even this …