Manifold Recording has been open since 2011, and we have welcomed hundreds of artists into the studio since then. Some have been famous, some not, some have travelled the world, some have not, but all have said approximately the same thing the first time they set foot into the Music Room at Manifold Recording: “Wow! Just…Wow!” If your goal is to create a product that makes your audience respond with “Wow! Just…Wow!” that’s a great place to start!

The Tracking Rooms

The Control Room

The Studio Annex

Floor Plans

View and/or print our Floor Plans. Can be very helpful when thinking about which musicians you want where for a session (and also what camera angles might work best for video).

The pages in this section provide a glimpse into the spaces and their underlying designs that make our facility not only so beautiful to look at and so wonderful to play in, but also so functional and so flexible. While details are provided, don’t get too bogged down in them. If there’s something you’d really like to do, reach out and talk with us about how we can help make it happen.


To begin your explorations, know that Manifold Recording is at an undisclosed location near Pittsboro, less than an hour from most anywhere in the Research Triangle, bounded by Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. It is even closer to RDU International Airport, Cary, Apex, and, of course, downtown Pittsboro.  But we don’t publish the address on the website and we only welcome guests who have scheduled an appointment.  If you are arranging a session and inviting others to that session, please communicate all necessary information in advance and remind them that the address is not on the website.

Rural Chatham County is a place of great beauty and, as yet, we have few neighbors and even fewer businesses nearby. Despite that, we do have 10Mb internet up and down, clean power, good coffee when you need it, and a double-drawer fridge for lunches, snacks, and drinks.

With a little care, it is easy to park 20 cars on our gravel surfaces and another 20 on an adjacent field. Extra-large instruments can be loaded through a 48″ door to Booth A (42″ clear opening), and just about anything else (including a concert grand piano) can be brought into the studio via the Sound Locks (which have a standard commercial clear opening of 32″ entering the Music Room). The loop at the end of the driveway is occasionally a necessary turn-around for delivery trucks, so please don’t park there except to load and unload.

Our studio complex actually consists of three buildings: a house (which can sometimes be used when hosting more people than can comfortably sit in our Lounge or our outdoor Patio), the Main Studio (a 4000 sq ft building that houses our tracking rooms and API Control Room) and the Studio Annex (which contains our Harrison Control Room, Lounge, and Garage). If you are visiting for the first time, look for us in the Lounge by entering the Annex (to your right) or the Main Control Room by entering the door to your left. If you are visiting virtually, check out our Tracking Rooms, Control Room, and Studio Annex pages above.

As we said above, we don’t publish our address on the website, but generally we are 15 minutes east of Pittsboro, 25 minutes south of Chapel Hill/Carrboro, and 35 minutes west of RDU and Raleigh. We have lots of parking and can (just barely) accommodate full-sized school and/or touring busses. Contact Us to schedule a visit and get exact directions to the site.